Archive | July, 2014

The Johnson Motor Wheel

The Johnson Twin will take you where you want to go.  The only two-cylinder motor in the world to push a bicycle.  Make your bicycle into a  two-cylinder Motor Bike by replacing the rear bicycle wheel with a twin-cylinder Johnson Motor Wheel. Consists of flat twin-cylinder motor, extra strong 26 inch wheel, two-inch motor fabric […]

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Merkel Motor Cycle Poster

To get there quicker, surer, easier, ride a Merkel Motor Cycle. Whenever – wherever you go let the Merkel take you.  It’s the quickest and most convenient vehicle made.  You don’t work while you ride — simply steer.  Strong, simple economical.  Write for a booklet today. The O. Merkel MFG CO.  Factory, Layton Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

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