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Paul Melia Prints

Offered here are prints that were part of a set commissioned by General Tire around 1975. These are hard to find and very desirable examples of the wonderful work that Mr. Melia is famous for. Paul Melia: “A professional illustrator and painter since 1952 Paul Melia has served clients in the Fortune 500, the publishing […]

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Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, 7 editions 1942-1974

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the complete set of this definitive guide to early motorcycle maintenance. Individual copies come on the market sporadically and are in high demand. For collectors, restorers or museum libraries this set is invaluable. The 1st edition ( 1942) contains 14 chapters which include: 1. The Motorcycling sport and […]

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Personal Memorabilia Collection of Mr. R.L. Clark

Offered here is the personal memorabilia collection of Mr. R.L. Clark. He was a very prominent motorcycle dealer who for years sold Indian motorcycles in competition with Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee. I purchased this collection some years ago to prevent it from being broken up and sold piece by piece. I felt it was a valuable […]

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Postcards and Motorcycles

For those of us who have spent countless hours looking through bins of postcards in search of something special, it does not come as any surprise that if there is some obscure subject matter card, someone will collect it. Knowing we cannot collect everything, means prioritizing our interests. For me it was easy. I love […]

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Motorcycles on postcards, 100+ years of history

Most of us at one time or another have given some thought to our roots and asked the question, where did my family history begin? To those of us who ride motorcycles, at some point we may wonder about the roots of motorcycling. Researching both areas can be fascinating and sometimes in tracing our family […]

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