Postcard Book

“Motorcycling Through History, During The Golden Age Of Postcards”

by Jerry S. Hooker

Since the birth of the motorcycle, postcards have been there to document the history of these marvelous machines. Now, for the first time, a book is available that is dedicated to the history of motorcycles as seen on pre-1940 postcards.

Postcard collectors and motorcycle lovers will be fascinated by the range of material that was available in the last century and is now portrayed in this unique book. Over 700 full color images are shown. You don’t even have to like motorcycles to enjoy this book.

With the tremendous growth in the popularity of motorcycles, and the huge interest in postcard collecting, this book would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s library. Opportunities for retail distribution of this book are available with appropriate discounts. Currently the book is available only through the author.

The author has taken his collection of pre-1940 postcards and incorporated them into a fantastic hardcover book that helps to document the history of motorcycles as seen on early postcards. The book is self published by the author and has been printed and bound in the U.S.A. to the highest standards. Every image is shouwn in full color, sepia or black and white exactly as the original was shown.

Countless hours of research, photo editing and publishing have gone into this book. Much historical data is presented regarding individual brands of motorcycles depicted. The book is informative, educational and just plain fun. Even if you hate motorcycles, you will be fascinated by the ways they have been depicted over the last one hundred years. They have been represented in ways you would not imagine, especially in the chapter on humorous postcards and holidays.

For those individuals interested in having photo enlargements of images from the book, the author will make them available with the book serving as a catalog.

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Articles and Reviews

Chapters include:
American Cycles, European Cycles, Racing, Sidecars, Advertising, Holidays, Military, Humerous

Book Features:
4-color printing, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 252 pages, Over 700 images, Hard Cover, Dust Jacket, Printed case, 80# gloss paper, Cycles identified, Descriptive text, Historical data, Stamp boxes shown, Price guide, Fully indexed, Bibliography, Postcard resources.

Sample page from the book:

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