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What is the Best Motorcycle Hauler?

Argue if you will that hauling a motorcycle is sacrilege, but every rider knows that sooner or later there comes a time when a bike needs to be moved from point A-to-B without being ridden. Maybe the answer is calling a toy hauler or adding the AAA membership endorsement for motorcycle towing. While both are […]

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The 1906 Yale-California Motorcycle

This is the new model of the Yale-California.  It’s design band finish are superior to anything heretofore attempted in the motorcycle line. It is universally concede to be one of the most beautiful, graceful, and mechanically defected motorcycles on the market, and is the one which runs all the time. Wherever it was found possible […]

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1913 Minneapolis Motorcycle

We Built them Right in 1912 – Then Bettered them for 1913 We set the pace for ourselves!  All that we learned, all that past experience had taught us, all that we could glean from riders and the best authorities everywhere, were incorporated into the new 1913 Minneapolis. The new models are not “makeovers”.  Nor […]

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The Johnson Motor Wheel

The Johnson Twin will take you where you want to go.  The only two-cylinder motor in the world to push a bicycle.  Make your bicycle into a  two-cylinder Motor Bike by replacing the rear bicycle wheel with a twin-cylinder Johnson Motor Wheel. Consists of flat twin-cylinder motor, extra strong 26 inch wheel, two-inch motor fabric […]

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