1952 New British Motorcycles AJS Ariel BSA Norton - 4-Page Vintage Article For Sale

1952 New British Motorcycles AJS Ariel BSA Norton - 4-Page Vintage Article
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1952 New British Motorcycles AJS Ariel BSA Norton - 4-Page Vintage Article:

1952 New British Motorcycles AJS Ariel BSA Norton - 4-Page Vintage Article
Original, vintage magazine advertisement / articlePage Size:Approx 8" x 11" (21 cm x 28 cm)Condition: Good
the lateston theBritish linePFEW RADICAL CHANGES have beenmade to motorcycles from Europe. Inthe main manufacturers have left wellenough alone, concentrating on detailedsmall matters to improve comfort andsafety. There has been no drastic change inmatters of transmission or. in most cases,suspension. Several new models announcedare facsimiles of machines already pro-duced as established favorites. In somecases, despite added refinements, the pur-chase price has been reduced.AJS-MATCHLESSWith neither addition nor subtraction to* or from a well known range. AssociatedMotor Cycles Limited will continue pro-ducing 19 models in their London factory7.Nine carrying the winged M motif, theremainder the well known initials AJS.Several interesting modifications have beenmade, all, without exception, improve-ments our editor has long looked for. Nonethe less it demands a vastly experiencedeye to spot them easily.Increased braking power to the frontwheel is achieved from a brake actuatinglever with a forward pull, ensuring maxi-mum movement of the forward shoe. Bud-dy seats, fitted to all spring frame modelswill doubtless provide a more comfortableride to driver and passenger. Unfortunate-ly, supply at the present does not permituse of them on their other models.Yet, another improved seal for the pri-mary chaincase is fitted to all models.This, in the form of an endless band man-ufactured from synthetic, oil resisting rub-ber, will be easier to remove and replacethan the seal introduced a year ago. Othermodifications common to all models in-clude fitting of a chromium plated ringin the top piston ring groove in order toreduce cylinder wear as has been provenby extensive tests. Rear fender ends arenow detachable and footrest hangers fittedoutside the lower frame tubes.Finished in Wedgewood Blue enamel, the newest Ariel Square Four isfitted with a rakish-looking pair of double headers in place of the oldsingle stack and now has a five-gallon gas tank instead of four-gallonPip-squeak of the Royal Enfield line is the RE 125. It has taken on theappearance of quality with the fitting of a full swinging-arm rearsuspension. While not oil dampened, it appears to be quite sufficientMuch talked about Norton 88, a 498 cc twin, is equipped with new race-bred, swinging-arm rearsuspension that has been proven most road-worthy. This machine competed in the ISDTHEADED FOS TOM GARAGEBy William OnslowThe manufacturer has. in giving thoughtto the many pleas for a “Sneakproof,”designed and produced a simple, yet ef-fective locking bar only a few inches inlength. Available as an extra and costingonly a few cents, it will prevent all butreally brutal attempts at removal.The robust suspension systems of bothmakes are little changed, only the tele-scopic front fork being slightly altered ina very minor way. The upper fork covers,previously securely bolted to the steeringcrown, are now retained by rubber wash-ers. The lower covers are retained by pres-sure of the main springs. Models des-tined for the American market will havechromium gas tanks and wheel rims thatwill put added sparkle to an already lus-trous finish.ARIELInformation already divulged by theSelly Oak concern omitted the usual ref-erence to motor component parts. Thiscould mean that little change, if any,will be made to motors already known. Itdoes, however, allude to the general linesof what is to be a nine model range thatincludes two new models in the multi class.The entire range is to be fitted with anew type heavyweight Burman gearbox,the clutch operating lever retained insidethe outer case gearbox shell. Ariel typeplunger springing and quickly detachablerear wheel is available for all models towhich those fittings are not standard.Newly introduced, a new Square Four tobe known as Model “4G” Mk 2, It isfinished in attractive Wedgewood Blueenamel, with a five-gallon tank in lieu ofthe smaller four-gallon one of the alreadyknown Squariel; this multi should provea certain winner. It differs also in havingtwo double exhaust manifolds with semi-dual stacks. This, with a standard patternfront fender replacing the valanced stylefitted to the Mk I, imparts a look of po-tency and speed. Suspension units allowa 3V2 in. movement rear, and 6% in. frontwheel movement.Second newcomer is an added Huntertwin, Model KHA, It is, as implied bythe model letters, a version of the ModelKH, having light alloy head and barrel.Both are fitted with a four gallon gas tankand the colors will distinguish either modelat a glance. Deep Maroon is chosen forthe KH, Wedgewood Blue for its sportingcompatriate. The same paintwork serves toidentify the Hunter single—the prefix“Red” has been dropped from all models—500 cc Model VH from the Model VHA.Paintwork of the 350 cc Hunter, ModelNH, will be a claret tank with gold lining.■ 7 Ur AFrame, fenders, forks, etc., black enamel.The model VB, 600 cc sidevalve will befinished in stately black and finally the500 competition Hunter in deep claretenamel and polished dural fenders.BSASeveral alterations in details are tobe made to a large range that will be morecolorful in the coming year. Models of over250 cc will be fitted with a neat, stream-lined headlight cowling; its pressed steelform housing speedometer, light switchand ammeter. A newly designed registra-tion plate moulded to the sweep of the rearfender will grace all machines except thevariations of the 125 Bantam. These carrynot only a stop and tail light combinedbut a red reflector at the lower extreme.Other modifications deal with separategroup models as instigated by the BSAconcern last year, thus producing similarmachines under a group letter heading.The letter “A” is designated to the twincylinder machines. Three in number, hav-ing one piece crankshaft, push rod oper-ated overhead valves and single camshaft,they are the 650 Golden Flash “Aio,”the 500 “A7” and 500 “Star Twin” sportsedition of the “A7.” Each receives ample,but quite smooth stopping power fromseven and eight-inch diameter brakes atrear and front respectively. They eachshare the detail alteration to gas tank fit-tings and the tank will be affixed by ahorizontal bolt front and rear. Such bolts,passing through rubber bushes, serve toisolate the tank from the frame and willeliminate considerably shock and vibration.Other modifications to the three are:Finned collars for the stacks, replacing theplain clips, an alteration to the prop standlug now brazed instead of clipped to theframe, and the fitting of a spring loadedoil seal in the crankcase drive side to pre-vent oil seepage to the primary chaincase.Together, they boast extra glitter fromchromium plated wheel rims and tankpanels, but paint jobs differ. The A7 ma-roon ; its sports counterpart, polychromat-ic mist green on forks, fenders and tank,and dark green lustrous enamel finishedframe. The Golden Flash retains the al-ready familiar beige, but is enhanced bythe sparkle of added chrome.Group “B” embodies touring and sport-ing machines of both 350 and 500 cc insingle cylinder form including the “GoldStar” and competition mounts. Coolingproperties will be increased by larger anddeeper finning to the cylinders of the tworoadsters: 348 cc B31 and 499 cc B33.The latter will feature a connecting rodhalf an inch shorter in length, but boreand stroke will not be altered. Compensa-tion will be gained from a wrist pin boreset that amount lower in a split-skirtpiston which reduces tendencies to piston-slap. This model, together with most oth-ers in the 500 range, will have an 8 in.front brake. Paint job, as standard to thetwo, is maroon with chrome tank panel;alternate finish in black enamel on frame,forks and fenders may be specified...16954 RL- 10943-5212-04

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