Bolt Kit HONDA Vintage Elsinore CR125 CR250 MR MT CR 125 250 body engine For Sale

Bolt Kit HONDA Vintage Elsinore CR125 CR250 MR MT CR 125 250 body engine

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Bolt Kit HONDA Vintage Elsinore CR125 CR250 MR MT CR 125 250 body engine:




This 150 piece HIGH QUALITY OEM style bolt kit is recommended for all...

1973 to 1987 HONDA CR MR & MT 60 80 100 125 175 250 & 450

Designed to help you maintain and restore your VINTAGE HONDA ELSINORE using proper fasteners.

Comes with full chain adjuster set with nuts, full set of sprocket bolts with lock nuts, selection of bolts nuts and washers that fit Bodywork, Plastic and Fenders, Exhaust pipe, some engine side cases, cylinder and head nuts, carb, intake, fuel tanks, seats, controls, and many other pieces. Call for shock bolts.

Designed to help you maintain and restore your vintage HONDA CR using the original type fasteners.

This all new Specbolt 150pc kit is based off our popular 120pc Elsinore CR kit, but with some very worthwhile upgrades.

Check it out!!!

Upgrades from our 120pc kits include:

Full 12pc Sprocket bolt kit with locking flange nuts ($10.00 value)

Nice selection of Honda vintage style M8 bolts.

2 different style seat bolts sets. You get to choose which ones are best for your bike. (120pc kits come with 1 of each size)

2 chain adjusters (120pc kits have 1)

...PLUS all the other essential stuff like bolts for plastics, fender, body bolts and fender washers, engine side cover bolts and screws (Ask if you want to get a full custom set for your model), radiator bolts, shifter bolt, cylinder and head nuts (most), exhaust bolts, various triple clamp and handlebar clamp bolts, 4 carb bowl screws, bolts for controls, fuel tank bolts, selection of washers, and number plate and side panel bolts and screws.


-What was the 150pc kit designed for?-

To bridge the gap between our popular Vintage CR 120pc kit and our bigger Vintage CR 250pc kit.

The 150pc kits have the stuff you really want.

-What is an OEM matching bolt?-

OEM matching bolts have the same design and look of your original bolts. Our OEM style bolts are designed to match exact factory sizes with the same head style and strength ratings (8.8 or 10.9 grade) that originally came on your motorcycle. They all meet or exceed the factory specs.

These are all heat treated and zinc plated to look great, resist corrosion, and last the life of your motorcycle.

-Can I find these at a local hardware store?-

As most of us know from experience, OEM style fasteners are not available at our local hardware stores. The metric fasteners found at Ace or Home Depot are not going to match.

These fasteners are usually only found at the cycle dealerships and expensive to purchase on an individual basis.

It's great to have the right fasteners on hand when you need them.

-What about OEM style nuts?-

Specbolt uses OEM matching nuts. You get a generous assortment of both locking and non locking nuts in M5, M6, M8, and M10 sizes.

-What about metric washers?-

Washers are important for many things including fenders, plastics and bodywork, engine, and exhaust mounts. We include a nice variety of the most commonly found washers used on your bike.

-Will I get any sealing washers?-

Specbolt 150pc kits contain copper and aluminum soft tempered compression washers. 2 each of 3 different, most needed sizes. The size are M6x11 copper typically used for your coolant drain bolts or oil height check bolt, M8x15 aluminum used for oil drain plugs, and M10x14.5 aluminum for hydraulic brake lines, etc...

-What if I have aftermarket parts on my bike?-

Specbolt kits include some additional sizes to fit some of the aftermarket items on your bike as well...such as triple clamps, exhaust, etc ... If you want to be sure to get the right size fasteners for your specific aftermarket part...just ask. We strive to get you everything you need.

-Will I get every nut and bolt found on my bike? What isn't included?-

This kit is designed as a maintenance kit and is a great assortment most of the commonly used fasteners found on your bike. It is not a full on restoration kit. It doesn't include shock or suspension/linkage bolts, axles/axle nuts, swing-arm bolt, or any long case bolts over 40mm.

-What if I want to customize my kit or request more of a certain type of fastener?-

Not a problem...If you have any special needs or want to request certain sizes just send me an email or call me. I will do my best to create a custom kit with your specific needs in mind.

-What if I run low on a certain fastener. Can I get refill packs?-

Yes... I offer every one of our fastener sizes in convenient and economical refill packs. Just send me an email, check the website, or call me.



-FAST International Priority and Express shipping options-

We will mail your kit the same or next business day so you will get it fast!

Don't get caught working on your bike and not having the right fasteners again!!!

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