Harley-Davidson - Merkel racing special 1916 & Maldwyn Jones - 1916 - motorcycle For Sale

Harley-Davidson - Merkel racing special 1916 & Maldwyn Jones - 1916 - motorcycle

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Harley-Davidson - Merkel racing special 1916 & Maldwyn Jones - 1916 - motorcycle:


A superb and rare photo of the amazing Maldwyn Jones and his Harley-Davidson - Merkel racing special of 1916.

Maldwyn Jones was one of the most famous racing riders of the 1910’s. When he joined the Merkel motorcycle factory in 1910 he quickly became very active, giving Merkel and Flying Merkel many impressive racing successes. In 1916 he was asked to join the H-D factory as a racing rider. He did, but preferred to build and race his own racing machines, using a Merkel chassis - frame and a Harley Davidson V-twin engine. He is seen on the photograph with his 1916 Harley-Davidson - Merkel special with which he won many, many races in that era.

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It is a superb and rare photo, and this is your rare chance to ownit! It reflects a very interesting and historic piece of motorcycling history in a great way! The size is perfectly suited for framing as it is large: ca. 6.7 x 8” (ca. 17 cm x 20 cm).

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After many decades of professionally collecting photographs and posters we are clearing out our archives. They make the perfect gift and are perfectly suited for framing. They will look gorgeous unframed and will be a true asset nicely framed with a border. They are a gorgeous and great asset in every home, workshop, workplace, restaurant, bar or club!

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