Vintage Jawa motorcycle 250 cc. 1966 year Czech Republic For Sale

Vintage Jawa motorcycle 250 cc. 1966 year Czech Republic

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Vintage Jawa motorcycle 250 cc. 1966 year Czech Republic:

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no scratches.  No rust.  Paint with acrylic enamel, varnish is applied on top.  The inner parts of the elements are painted with powder paint in the color of the motorcycle.  The tank is fully restored in the Czech Republic.  the exhaust is Slovakian.  Of the Turkish parts, only the rear and side handles are installed.  The seat cover is made of eco-leather of the latest generations (not to be confused with vinyl) stronger than leather.  Direction indicators Czech.  Brake light new Czechoslovak.  All gum and oil seals are changed.  All parts have been sandblasted before painting.
Engine and frame:
Installed engine Java 350 model 360-00 18hp  Engine purchased December 4, 1979  All documents from the postal bargain are available.  The engine was installed in 2018.  engine mileage of about 1000km.  The seals on the engine are replaced.  Electronic ignition WARE.  All changes to the design of the vehicle are made to the TCP. Chain, stars, wheels:
No wear, New Mitas tires.  For an additional fee, new driven and leading stars of Czechoslovak production are attached.  Three SKK bearings are installed in the wheels.  The spokes are chrome plated.  Rims are new.  For an additional fee, a new wheel assembly is attached.
New Exide battery made in Germany.  Starts by hand, as expected, starts up Java.  The assembly of the motorcycle was completed in August 2018.  Mileage after major repairs 570km.  The motorcycle is registered.
The history of the Java 250/350 motorcycle: In October 1962, the YAVA company again released two new models of classes 250 and 350 cm3.  These are models 559/02 and 354/06.  The motorcycle JAVA-250 mod.  559/02 is traditionally the same with the motorcycle JAVA-350 mod.  354/06 chassis, but improved appearance as well as functional properties.  The main change in the appearance of motorcycles of these models occurred due to the fact that the upper half of the headlight body goes into the cover of the handles, forming a single shape with them.  To do this, it was necessary to change the shape of the speedometer, it became oval instead of round, as in previous models.  At the same time, a new type of ignition switch was introduced, combined with a light switch.  The lantern on the back plate is made of enlightened red polystyrene.  There are light bulbs for brake signal and side light.  And finally, a saddle was installed, which reclined or was removed only after unlocking the lock in the front.

After the saddle is folded down, you can unlock the spring latches for locking the side drawers, which cannot be opened from the outside.

Motor power for a motorcycle JAVA-350 mod.  354/06 increased from 11.8 kW (16 hp) to 13.2 kW (18 hp) as a result of changes in the channels in the gas exchange system, but the appearance of the engine remained unchanged.

In the engine of the motorcycle JAVA-250 mod.  559/02, some fundamental changes were introduced compared to a 350 cm3 motorcycle.  The power was increased from 8.8 kW (12 hp) to 10.3 kW (14 hp), and a new design cylinder was used.  This cylinder is higher, so most of the purge channels are located in it and only a small part of them is in the crankcase.  Therefore, the carburetor is connected by a pipe to the cylinder, in contrast to previous models, in which it was attached to the engine crankcase.  Carburetor motorcycle mod.  559/02 is equipped with an enrichment for starting the engine.  The concentrator is controlled by a rotary sleeve located near the right fuel control handle.  On a motorcycle engine mod.  559/02 exhaust pipes attached to the engine cylinder.  The pipe fastening nut is screwed into the internal thread in the cylinder.  On its outer surface there are protrusions for tightening with a key.  The size of the nuts has become much smaller.

The crank mechanism of all previous engines with a working volume of 250 cm3 was mounted on three ball bearings: one on the right (from the generator side) and two on the left (from the front gear).  In the first series of motorcycle engine mod.  559/02 there were only two crankshaft bearings, one on each side.  Using this option simplified production, but it had no other advantages.  In the latest series of engines, they again began to install a crank mechanism on three bearings.

Motorcycle JAVA-250 mod.  559/02 possessed in comparison with a motorcycle mod.  353/04 are somewhat better power indicators, while the motorcycle JAVA-350 mod.  354/06 had the best not only power indicators, but also driving performance, as well as good appearance.

Therefore, from the end of 1964 and from the beginning of 1965, these models began to be produced with some functional changes.  The high engine power of motorcycles, especially those with an engine displacement of 350 cm3, entailed a change in traction.  The clutch of the new variant slips much less with a strong and sharp opening of the throttle valve (acceleration).  The mechanism for automatic clutch disengagement was also changed, which was mainly made from stamped parts (to simplify technology and reduce production costs).  The front telescopic fork was also redone, for which they used the suspension damping system at the bottom of the movable tip.  The acceleration of the motorcycle has significantly improved and the life of the power unit has been increased with the introduction of rubber vibration dampers integrated into the rear wheel.  After these changes, motorcycles received the designation JAVA-250 mod.  559/04 and Java-350 mod.  360.

Motorcycles YAVA-250 mod.  559/04 and Java-350 mod.  360 steel in 1964-1965  the main motorcycles produced by the national enterprise "YAVA".  Hundreds of thousands of these reliable motorcycles have been produced.

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