new Flying Merkel Board track racer replica kit antique motorized cafe bike rare For Sale

new Flying Merkel Board track racer replica kit antique motorized cafe bike rare

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new Flying Merkel Board track racer replica kit antique motorized cafe bike rare:

Board track, or motordrome, racing was a type of motor sport, popular in the United States between the second and third decades of the 20th century, where competition was conducted on oval race courses with surfaces composed of wooden planks. Although the tracks most often used motorcycles, many different types of racing automobiles also competed, enough so as to see the majority of the 1920s American national championship races contested at such venues. By the early 1930s, board track racing had fallen out of favour, and into eventual obsolescence, due to both its perceived dangers and the high cost of maintenance of the wooden racing surfaces. However, several of its most notable aspects have continued to influence American motor sports philosophy to the present day, including: A technical emphasis on raw speed produced by the steep inclinations; ample track width to allow steady overtaking between competitors; and the development of extensive grandstandssurrounding many of the courses.
Flying Merkel DIY KITBOARD TRACK crafted gas tankvintage saddle/seatmotorized bicycle engine kit included 35mphlarge 3 inch wide tireheavy duty girder forkscruiseor display as a collectors itembike is painted just like you see,you get the full kit, no funny bizzit will come w cruiser bars unless you request drop race bars style (free upgrade)
patina work add 250$decals not included, decls 75$upgrade to 212cc motor kit ass 500$
Very good looking little toy to show off at the local meet.It is not street legal and is operated as a motorized bicycle.
The last pics are a couple of my favorite customer builds,i love seeing what you guys come up with.We like to show them off on our social mediaDIY KIT will receive 1 box w the main bike. You have to put on the front wheel pedals and seat.That should only take minutes. The engine kit, chain and upgrade brass fuel petcock arrive separately.
When selling one bike complete it gets heavy and shipping workers don't take the care to really ensure safe arrival.When shipping it all separate the chance of damage are greatly reduced.
In my area you can get a motorized bike engine installed for $100- $150This is a good option if you just want to skip to the fun. If you enjoy assembling, Its not that difficult and can be done in about 2 hrs . I don't have a instruction manual but if you need assistance I provide a number for my tech guy and he will help you with any questions you may have, There are some instructions for the engine assembly included w that kit.Youtube also has a wealth of info for assembling motorized bicyclesthe version w the cruiser upright bar is what will arrive. the other version shows the bike as a board track racer as opposed to cruiser or flat track style
any questions dont hesitatealso check out my other listings
ADD 700 you

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