The Dawn Of the Motorcycle, The Photographic History from 1894 to 1906

Featured here is a newly published book by Aldo Carrer. Mr. Carrer lives in Italy and has collected a vast quantity of historical motorcycle photos from the earliest period of motorized two wheel transportation.

It is a hardcover book with 127 high quality, glossy pages. The images portrayed are black and white and represent some of the earliest and rarest of motorcycles, mostly European, but a fair sampling of U.S makes are also represented. Overall there are nearly 200 fantastic images with each page featuring one or two nicely sized photos. The picture captions and text are in Italian and English. The book is 8″ x 12″ and was published in April of 2006 in Italy where Mr. Carrer lives.

For serious lovers of antique motorcycle history this is a must have book. The book is $39.95 plus $ 4.25 postage and handling within the U.S.A. Only U.S. orders are being taken through this web site. To buy directly from Mr. Carrer, he may be contacted at E-mail:

His book may also be purchased on E-bay by searching for seller Frera. On his listings you can see many more pictures of this fantastic book.

Aldo is a friend and his book is being offered here as a convenience to U.S. shoppers. Use the same order form as the one for my book “Motorcycling Through History, During the Golden Age of Postcards” and specify Aldo’s book.