American Motorcycle Association (AMA)
THE organization for and about motorcycles in the U.S. All facets of the sport are covered and a very strong and active political action group represents the interests of every motorcyclist. Join and show your support.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA)
A superb resource for everything about antique motorcycles. Membership includes a beautiful glossy magazine published quarterly.

American Motorcycles Norway
Vist this fascinating web blog to see what is going on in Norway concerning the love of American motorcycles. The site is in English and has much to see. Be sure to check out the other blogs that they point to.

BMW Riders Association
The site for information about this national association.

Collectible Detective 
The biggest vintage and antique directory on the web!

Cyclemo’s Museum
Cyclemo’s Motorcycle Museum is in Tennessee and is relatively new, but you would hardly think that to visit there. They are destined to become one of the best motorcycle museums in the country. Do yourself a favor and take a look. 
Online database of 1/4 mile drag racing times for muscle and exotic cars

Ed Youngblood’s Moto History
This is the place to go for up-to-date information on what is happening in the motorcycle world. Ed is a past president of the AMA and is very active in all things motorcycle. Be sure to get on his mailing list.

Ephemera Collectors
Please take the time to visit the following website by Marty Weil dedicated to the collecting of ephemera. “Marty Weil is a freelance writer and ephemera researcher. He has written more than 250 magazine features on a variety of subjects. Articles written by Marty Weil have appeared in more than two dozen publications, including Fortune, Managing Automation, Antique Week, APICS, and Scholastic Administrator. Previously, he was the President of Weil Marketing Communications Inc., a successful high-tech PR consulting firm. He is a graduate of Illinois State University.”

Epopee de la moto
Please visit this lovely motorcycle museum located in Quebec, Canada. They have a nice collection of motorcycles representing many countries. Very friendly people who would love to see you ride in for a visit some lovely summer day.

Great Collectibles 
Are you searching for a special type of collectible? This website has everything from A to Z and will take you to what you are searching for.

Hack’d Magazine 
The place to go for real family sidecar riding enjoyment. This magazine has been around a long time and continues to provide valuable and friendly information about sidecars..

Internet BMW Riders 
An online site for lovers of BMW motorcycles.

Long Riders Magazine 
An on-line magazine for the touring bike rider as well as riders in general. There is a strong emphasis on a multi-racial, gender and ethnic mix of members.

Metro Triumph Riders of Detroit
This group of riders are devoted to keeping the name Triumph alive as well as the marvelous variety of machines that club members own and ride. Visit the site and join them for their monthly breakfast. You won’t be disappointed.

Minerva Motorcycles 
A marque specific site devoted to the Minerva motorcycle. This is an excellent source for information about this historic cycle.

Motorcycling in the Netherlands
A nice site to visit even if your Dutch language skills are not proficient. Browse around and see what you can find.

National Motorcycle Museum
This fantastic collection of motorcycle history is located at Anamosa Iowa. If you visit the AMCA vintage motorcycle rally at Davenport Iowa in the Fall, you must take a trip up to Anamosa.

Old Postcards
Vintage postcards for collectors. Visit this site to see many great postcards in a variety of topics.  A nice site for shopping and learning about postcard history.

Sidecar Talk
This is the place to discuss everything about sidecars. Meet fellow riders and share in conversations about the joy’s of three wheeling.

The Ephemera Catalog 
A very nice site for collectors of vintage postcards and other paper collectibles..

United Sidecar Association 
For and about sidecars. A great place to visit for information on all aspects of this facet of motorcycling.

Visit here to learn about one of Englands oldest motorcycle dealers specializing in all those really hard to find antiques. They have a well deserved reputation for great service.

Veteran Triumph
A very nice web site for all you fans of early Triumph cycles. Give a visit here and be sure to visit “Yesterday’s” from the link provided.

Vintage Memories, Inc.
This is a nice site to visit for vintage motorcycles from around the world. Kieth Campbell owns this museum and if you are down around Georgia let him know you are coming and he will show you around.

Vintage Motorcycles U.K.
A wonderful site full of great pictures depicting motorcycles from decades past. Unique also are the sound files of many of these historical bikes. A well designed site sure to please.

Vintage Motorcycle Works
This is the place to pick up the most comprehensive set of books ever published on motorcycle patents. It is also the place to go for Harley “45” parts and a restoration guide for models from 1929-1936. I highly recommend this site.

VJEMC,Vintage Japanese and European Motorcycle Club
An organization dedicated to classic motorcycle

Walneck’S Classic Motorcycle Trader
Here you will find anything and everything for sale in the world of motorcycles.
Want to travel through Africa? Go here for advice and a great deal of information on many aspects of motorcycle travel. Text, German and English.
A great site for vintage cycle enthusiasts. The site is in German, but be plesantly surprised as you click around and find wonderful images of rare and unique motorcycles. 
A wonderful site for motorcycle racing enthusiasts. Great historical information, primarily pre-1932. 
Marvel here in the over 1200 item data base of published books on motorcycle travel. A great resource for finding stories of motorcycle adventures. Text, German and English

Yesterday’s Motorcycles 
If you are serious about your antique motorcycles, Yesterdays is the place to visit. Wonderful people to work with and a fantastic selection of antique and newer machines to choose from. Great links page.