1913 Minneapolis Motorcycle

We Built them Right in 1912 – Then Bettered them for 1913

We set the pace for ourselves!  All that we learned, all that past experience had taught us, all that we could glean from riders and the best authorities everywhere, were incorporated into the new 1913 Minneapolis.

The new models are not “makeovers”.  Nor are they “leftovers”.  We simply made our former sturdy models better than ever.

And you knew the 1912 Minneapolis will  be more surprised with our newest models.  We have ample facilities, plenty of capital and a competent enough organization to fully guarantee the Minneapolis.

As to gracefulness of outline and sturdiness of build, the Minneapolis is all the most exacting buyer could demand.  But plea look below the surface.  Let us tell you a few things we have done and some of the departures we stand for.

We were among the first to appreciate the advantages offered by a variable speed river and for the past four years have steadily adhered to this feature.

The standard equipment is 28″ wheel, but in lieu of the 2.5″ tire formally use,d 1913 standard is 2.75.  both Goodyear and United States tires are standard equipment, purchaser being allowed an option.  The latest type of knock-out front axle and Thor brakes have been adopted.

Write us today for catalog of Minneapolis single and win machines and Minneapolis delivery cars.

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Minneapolis Motor Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota.