1969 INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Original Vintage Advertisement ~ For Sale

1969 INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Original Vintage Advertisement ~

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1969 INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Original Vintage Advertisement ~ :

1969 INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Original Vintage Advertisement ~ FREE SHIPPING! 1969 Indian Motorcyleles original vintage advertisement.

1969 Models are now arriving in U.S.
In offering our line of Mammoth and Indian Motorcycles for enthusiasts throughout the world, our intentions and plans are as follows:
We are strictly a custom-built motorcycle firm and have no intention of getting into the mass market. Our machines are engineered by men who know the business. The Mammoth appeals to the enthusiast. The sportsman who, for instance. might buy a Ferrari, Maserati. Mercedes-Benz. Aston-Martin, or a Rolls-Royce. is the type of buyer who appreciates and buys the Mammoth.
We offer a wide variety of models, from the 50cc SUPER Minibikes (really small motorcycles) to the high-priced (U.S. $4,000) Mammoth.
ENGINE OPTIONS - In our Indian Roadster models we offer a variety of engines which fit into the same "sporty" frame. Starting with the 500cc Velocette engine (both regular and Thruxton) and Velo gearbox, we have coming soon a vertical chain-driven OHC model which will be available in 500cc (for European racing competition) and a 600cc and 750cc version for the U.S. highway rider.
COMPONENTS AND OPTIONS - These machines are all foreign-built, either in our own factory in Germany or, in some instances, assembled in Italy, using some British and Italian components. We are utilizing the facilities and long-time experience of specialists who make parts for motorcycles. It is more economical to operate in this manner, or we buy from firms that produce for other manufacturers: thus we gain the benefit of their long experience and testing facilities. Because of their mass-production operations. their component prices are lower than we, operating as a small manufacturer. could possibly duplicate.
There is a good demand for specialized motorcycles and that is the market at which we are aiming. We will never be the largest producer, that’s for sure, nor would we want to if we could — but we assure you that we have many innovations that will soon appear on our motorcycles. These features will be much talked about and the bikes bought in limited quantities — and that's the market we are shooting for.
Our INDIAN SCOUT will be a V-twin sidevalve 45 cu. in. (750cc) unit. It will offer a complete new version of the V-tv/in. We will also have a 61-inch Chief. We expect the V-twins to be the leaders in our line by 1970.
TERMS are cash on delivery, with firm order and deposit of $200.00 per unit ($100.00 on Papoose and Ponybike).
(Deposit refunded without question if, for any reason, we are unable to meet delivery dates specified).
Send for full details and brochure.
Powered by the world’s best 500 OHC single. Velocette. either normal or Thruxton. A high performance ’’sporty’' bike with Borrani rims. Ccriani forks. Tach. Campagnola twin disc front brake optional.Immediate delivery………………….. $1,450With Thruxton 117 mph engine……..$1,550
Chain-driven OHC. dual exhaust. 4-spced unit design. German Bing carb., Bosch electrics. Borrani rims. Magura bars and controls, speedo & tach. Ceriani forks & Campagnola twin disc brake optional. "Goes like a bomb.” Delivery
Feb. 8-VALVE 500cc GRAND PRIX racing engine. Dual OHC (50 to be built in Germany) for G.P.racing circuits. Engine only……….$2,750Complete Grand Prix race bike...$3,500
Delivery starts March '69 — first come — first served basis with $1000 deposit.INDIAN PONYBIKE
This unique road or trail bike has 3 speeds. 5 H.P., 45-48 mph. Full suspension front and rear. Dual seat, road or trail tires. 2 brakes, lites. Red or blue.A large minibike.Immediate delivery…………………... $295
Chain-driven OHC 4-cyl.. lOOOcc engine. 4-speed. Light space-age material. 120 mph. For the sportsman who likes high speed performance, this 540 lb. bike is the answer. Bosch electric starter, massive front brake, dual headlights, Magura bars and controls, VDO and Bosch equipment. $4,000 includes duty and air freight charges. U.S. price by boat $3,400. German priceat weeks delivery time.SPECIFICATIONS:Black & White
Size -Full Page - 8inches x 11 inches -20 cm x 28 cm
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