The Crawford Motorcycle from Mid-Land Manufacturing Co.

The 9-13 horsepower Crawford
The Sensation of the Season

NEW BUT TEST PROVEN – The “CRAWFORD” entered upon it’s first year confident it would be received by the riding public with a little more than enthusiasm. We made a bigger hit than we expected.  While the “CRAWFORD” is new we have spent years experimenting, perfecting each mechanical detail until this machine is the acknowledged standard for mechanical excellence.

MOST POWERFUL MOTOR – The “CRAWFORD” embodies the most powerful motor used on any machine of 1913 vintage.  This motor far exceeds the rated horsepower and has proven it’s reliability on actual hill and speed tests.  Mechanical valves of positive action and a perfect system of lubrication.

SPEEDY ENOUGH to satisfy any rider who has the desire to leave many miles behind him in the shortest time.  Spring touring demands a speedy, powerful motor that is always on the job.

SIMPLE CONTROLS – Positive and easy of action.  Handle bar grip control for throttle clutch and compression relief.  Don’t be influenced by this advertisement alone, get on a “CRAWFORD” and try her out.  There is a dealer in nearly every city, if not, write us and we will make it easy for a demonstration.

Mid-Land Manufacturing Co.
Morganstown, W. Va.

The CRAWFORD Motorcycle Ad

The CRAWFORD Motorcycle Ad